A Southeastern Success Story

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Occasional observers of the life sciences industry might be excused for focusing most of their attention on California and Massachusetts.  After all, it was in these states that companies like Genentech and Biogen gave birth to the biotechnology industry.  And today, both regions remain hubs for innovation and venture capital funding for the sector.  In fact, close to 60% of all venture funding in the life sciences industry over the past five years has been invested in just those two states alone.  But it was in Georgia that one of the industry’s most successful investment stories in...

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The Beauty of the Research-Funded Option-Based Acquisition

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Gone are the days of the once-commonplace $300M acquisition post-Phase II.  At least mostly gone.  Now, more than ever, pharma are buying small biotechnology companies only after paying the biotechs to do more research – research that the pharma specify, and in some cases, control.  And even then, the buy-out terms are pre-negotiated before the first dollar of research funding goes in.  This is the age of the research-funded option-based acquisition. Take Pfizer’s late 2010 deal with LPath: $14M up-front, plus shared expenses on Phase I and II, followed by an option to acquire the...

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Back to School

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Is it back to school for big pharma? It would seem so. Over the past year, one news report after another has detailed a significant new relationship between big pharma and academia. While pharma-academic collaborations are nothing new, what is striking about this new crop of deals is their size (both in dollars and scope) and the fanfare that has accompanied them. Of the big pharmas, Pfizer has been particularly noisy, establishing an “academic network” of sorts in the form of its Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI). The first CTI was established in 2010 at the University of...

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