These 10 VC Firms Made The Most Investments In Healthcare Startups This Year

Posted by on Jan 2, 2019

To those who have been following the space, it’s no surprise that 2018 has been a record year for venture capital investing in healthcare. With $28.8 billion raised through the end of November (and big deals like the $400 million Series C raised by Relay Therapeutics last week) startups in the sector have raised more money this year than any year before in the last 10 years that VC funding database Pitchbook has tracked investments in the space.

“In spite of market volatility, the potential curative impact of many of the breakthroughs this year continues to be the driver of long-term value, and of continued venture investment. We are in a revolutionary time in biotech,” ARCH Venture Partners cofounder Bob Nelsen wrote in an email to Forbes.

So, we looked into which firms have been involved in this record year. Quantified not by dollars invested, but rather number of deals, these are the top 10 VC investors in the healthcare sector this year ranked by number of US-based deals, according to an analysis compiled by Pitchbook for Forbes. (Pitchbook is not able to calculate top investors based upon dollars invested.)

Here’s the list, and some notable deals that each participated in.

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