SEBIO Recognizes Best Deals in Class with Awards

Posted by on Dec 11, 2018

Each year SEBIO recognizes healthcare and life sciences organizations in the Southeastern US whose achievements are bringing the region into focus as a hub of medical and technological innovation. The 2018 Investor and Partnering Forum in Atlanta, the organization’s 20th annual, honored five very worthy companies from across the region for their accomplishments this year.

This year’s awards were presented by Evan McClure, MD, MBA. “As a physician by training and headhunter by trade, I can tell you these successes depend not just on impactful science but also on exceptionally talented and driven people working tirelessly toward a common mission,” notes Dr. McClure. “The Southeast has been historically overlooked by life science investors, but that’s changing – and for good reason. Some of the most exciting science in the world is taking place right here.”

The award winners are as follows: 

Award: Initial Funding

Locus Biosciences | Raleigh, NC

Locus Biosciences raised a $19mm Series A to advance its next generation CRISPR-Cas platform for precision antimicrobials. Locus is attacking the problem of antibiotic resistance head on with its CRISPR-based antimicrobials, the first of their kind in the world, to kill antibiotic-resistant superbugs by destroying their DNA.

Award: Venture Funding

Precision Biosciences | Durham, NC


Precision Biosciences has created a next-generation gene editing platform that can insert, delete, or edit DNA in a broad range of applications. This summer, the team at Precision raised a $100mm Series B to bring its leading CAR-T therapy product to the clinic, as well as funding studies of its gene therapy program and food science products.

Award: Strategic Investment

Humacyte | Durham, NC


Humacyte has developed a method of growing bioengineered blood vessels in vitro that can be used off the shelf without having to take any cells from the patient. Their first product, Humacyl, is in Phase III trials for use as a hemodialysis graft for renal failure patients. This summer, Humacyte attracted a $150mm equity investment from Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest provider of products and services for renal care.

Award: Strategic Acquisition

Cartiva | Atlanta, GA


Cartiva Medical has developed a synthetic cartilage implant for treating osteoarthritis in the great toe. Cartiva was acquired this summer for $435mm by Wright Medical Group, a Memphis-based orthopedics company focused on extremities and biologics.

Award: IPO

Liquidia Technologies | Durham, NC


Liquidia Technologies raised $50mm this summer in its IPO to advance its PRINT particle engineering technology that allows more precise production of drug particles for both existing and new therapies. Liquidia has two compounds in clinical trials, as well as a number of collaborations focused on new molecules.

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