Symmetry Surgical inks $97M deal for Bovie electrosurgical unit

Posted by on Jul 9, 2018

ANTIOCH, TN. – Symmetry Surgical has agreed to buy Bovie Medical’s core business for $97 million in cash. The deal will give Symmetry Surgical ownership of the Bovie brand and devices used in electrosurgical procedures.

Bovie has spent the past 40 years building its business around electrosurgery, even taking its name from the scientist who invented a device that enables the procedure. Descendants of that device, which generated high-frequency electrical current, are in Bovie’s portfolio today. These devices enable physicians to cut, cauterize and fuse tissues to achieve surgical objectives.

Now Bovie is getting out of the business, although it will continue to supply generators to Symmetry under a manufacturing agreement for at least the next decade. Symmetry will be responsible for selling the generators and line of accessories Bovie built up to help doctors perform electrosurgical procedures.

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