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Research Universities with a Life Science Focus

  •  University of Florida

University website: http://www.ufl.edu/

Tech Transfer Office website: http://www.research.ufl.edu/otl/

  •  University of Miami

University website: http://miami.edu/

Tech Transfer Office website: http://www.umtechnology.com/

  •  Florida State University

University website: http://www.fsu.edu/

Tech Transfer Office website: http://www.research.fsu.edu/techtransfer/

  •  University of Southern Florida

University website: http://www.usf.edu/

Tech Transfer Office website: http://www3.research.usf.edu/dpl/

  •  University of Central Florida

University website: http://www.ucf.edu/

Tech Transfer Office website:  http://www.research.ucf.edu/SponsoredPrograms/index.html

  •  Florida International University

University website: http://www.fiu.edu/

Tech Transfer Office website:    http://research.fiu.edu/intellectualProperty/intellectualProperty.html

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