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Final Business Proposal/Development Plan Judging and Competition Format


Once the Mentoring process is complete, each of the participating Semi-Finalists will submit their written business proposal or development plan, in its final form, to a panel of judges for review and scoring. The written proposal/plan must not exceed 15 pages and must include a detailed budget as to how the prize money will be used. Up to 4 Finalists will be selected for further participation in the BIO/Plan Competition.

The Finalists will then prepare a PowerPoint presentation for their proposal/plan (in the standard SEBIO 12-minute presentation format). Further support and involvement by the Finalist’s Mentoring Team for this activity will be at the discretion of the individual members of the Mentoring Team.

The BIO/Plan Competition Finalists will present their business/partnering opportunities to the entire conference audience at the annual Southeast BIO Investor Forum. A panel of celebrity judges will score the presentations. These scores will be added to the earlier respective written proposal/plan scores to determine the overall winner of the BIO/Plan Competition.


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