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Benefits of Participation


The benefits of the BIO/Plan Competition are multifold and advantageous to a number of different groups.

  • Funding Community – Angel and venture groups can anticipate that they will see a steady stream of well formed opportunities emerging out of this effort — opportunities that they can take a direct interest in as they emerge as viable enterprises.
  • Corporate Constituencies – Research and business development groups from biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and other life sciences industries can monitor robust research technologies as they move through translational stages in their path to becoming products.
  • Technology Transfer/Commercialization Offices – These offices within universities and research labs throughout the Southeast will see their assets vetted and enhanced considerably through this program.  Ultimately, this should add substantial value to the underlying assets in terms of both validation and specific commercial development strategies that can be adopted and implemented straightaway — assets that they can now invest in internally with greater assurance of success.
  • Inventor/Entrepreneur – These individuals and their technology will receive the early support they need in developing their opportunity to its fullest potential.  This includes:
    • a ‘leg up’ on their peers with competing opportunities in this space as their selection for the BIO/Plan Competition provides validation and their participation should produce a highly professional product;
    • direct interaction with prospective business mentors/advisors;
    • intimate interaction with representatives of the regional investment community; and
    • extensive networking opportunities as the principals from all of the selected opportunities will be invited to the annual SEBIO Investor Forum where they can participate in the structured networking programs conducted by SEBIO that facilitate on-site, face-to-face interactions with prospective investors and/or corporate partners who have expressed an interest in their specific opportunity.

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