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Application and Selection Process

The application period will begin in mid-March and run through mid-April.  To apply, CLICK HERE.

The Selection Process will unfold as follows:

  • Immediately following the close of the application period, the Selection Committee will examine and score the applications for appropriateness for the BIO/Plan Competition.  Factors such as the following will be considered:
    • opportunity/concept falls within the life science sector, as defined in the description of an Ideal Candidate;
    • correct stage of development;
    • technology/opportunity will serve either as the basis for the formation of a free-standing corporate entity or provide a significant partnering opportunity that will be attractive to a larger corporate partner;
    • the basic credentials of the applicant(s) relative to the goals of the BIO/Plan Competition (primarily, an obvious aptitude for or experience in the  formation and promotion of commercializable products or services) are demonstrated; and,
    • one or more individuals are identified who will take primary responsibility as the Principal(s) for developing the opportunity and writing the business proposal/development plan during the Mentoring process.
  • The Selection Committee will review the applications and select up to 10 who will be admitted into the BIO/Plan Competition as Semi-Finalists.  This process should be completed by mid-May.

All applicants will be notified immediately of the selection results and those that are selected to compete as Semi-Finalists will be given further instructions regarding their continuing participation in the BIO/Plan Competition, including the contact information for their assigned Mentors as the Mentoring process will commence immediately.

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