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Southeast BIO Investor & Partnering Forum to Showcase 22 Emerging Life Science Companies

Posted by on Oct 18, 2013

Innovative drug therapies, advanced medical devices, diagnostics and other cutting-edge healthcare technologies from throughout the Southeast will be showcased November 6-7, during the 2013 Southeast BIO Investor & Partnering Forum at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.

Entrepreneurs representing 22 of the most promising bioscience and medical technology companies in the region will solicit advice and seek investment during the annual life science convention sponsored by Southeast BIO (SEBIO), the regional nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the growth of the Southeast’s life sciences industry. The companies were picked by a selection committee of regional and national venture capitalists.

The MAIN/Stage presenting companies have generally completed at least one round of institutional financing and will have the opportunity to make a 10-minute pitch to the full conference audience on the afternoon of November 6.

Companies chosen for the EARLY/Stage event are seeking their first rounds of investment. They will participate in an individual private advisory session led by early-stage investors, entrepreneurs and experienced life science managers and service providers. Four EARLY/Stage companies will be selected to present to the full conference audience, with an overall “winner” announced at the closing lunch.

Companies chosen for presentations at this year’s event are:

ADial Pharmaceuticals (Charlottesville, Virginia) – medications to treat addiction and related disorders
Banyan Biomarkers (Alachua, Florida) – biomarkers to diagnose traumatic brain injuries
G1 Therapeutics (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) – therapeutics to protect bone marrow from damage due to chemotherapy or radiation
HemoSonics (Charlottesville, Virginia) – diagnostic platform to rapidly quantify the treatable aspects of coagulation
KIYATEC (Greenville, South Carolina) – cell culture technology to predict human response to drugs
Pique Therapeutics (Durham, North Carolina) – therapeutic vaccines to treat cancer
Scion BioMedical Corp. (Miami, Florida) – medical devices for advanced wound management and healing

Accuitis (Cumming, Georgia) – dermatological and ophthalmic pharmaceuticals targeting niche, orphan and underserved indications
Ardeal Pharma (Brevard, North Carolina) – treatments for dermal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets based on Stabilized Sulforaphane
Blondin Bioscience (Birmingham, Alabama) – solutions to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Camras Vision (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina) – personalized care treatment for glaucoma patients to stop vision loss
CanDiag (Charlotte, North Carolina) – cancer screening technology for early detection of breast cancer
Diagnovus (Nashville, Tennessee) – molecular diagnostics assays for underserved diseases
Eboo Pharmaceuticals (Durham, North Carolina) – pharmaceutical compounds for Parkinson’s disease and other indications
Ennaid Therapeutics (Atlanta, Georgia) – platform technology to develop cures for Dengue virus
Memphaceuticals (Memphis, Tennessee) – topical pharmaceuticals for niche dermatological problems
NeuroQuest (Charleston, South Carolina) – immune biomarkers for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and ALS
NIRvana Sciences (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina) – novel dyes with ultra-narrow spectral properties
Novocor Medical Systems (Raleigh, North Carolina) – rapid chilling device to induce therapeutic hypothermia
Renovar (Cumming, Georgia) – diagnostic tests for kidney disease and transplant monitoring
T3D Therapeutics (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina) – therapeutic to treat Alzheimer ’s disease
ViaMune (Athens, Georgia) – cancer immunotherapy

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