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Senior Development Manager at CED

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013

The Senior Development Manager is responsible for securing and managing relationships with high-level corporate sponsors, also known as Mentor Partner members; securing individual sponsorships for conferences and programs; sponsor benefit fulfillment; and other fundraising activity assigned by the Development Director.  This position also oversees the ongoing cultivation of these relationships.

The Senior Development Manager works closely with the Development Manager for Membership and colleagues in programs, marketing communications, business management, and the CED President to secure adequate funds to support CED’s activities.

This position is responsible for meeting or exceeding revenue targets for Mentor Partners and sponsorships for conferences and programs.  The Senior Manager reports to the Development Director.

Duties include:

Fund Development:

(a)    Responsible for setting and meeting annual financial goals for Mentor Partner members and sponsorships for programs and conferences.  Works with Business Manager to assure accurate invoicing and billing for memberships and contributions.

(b)   Responsible for developing and implementing a cultivation strategy for CED’s Mentor Partner members, with the goal of broadening and deepening their participation in the organization

(c)    Responsible for continually updating an accurate CRM database of current and potential Mentor Partner members and sponsors, including regular updates of current contact information and background information on all individuals

(d)   Responsible for benefit fulfillment for all Mentor Partners and sponsors, including recognition at conferences and programs, securing logos and corporate profiles for CED website

(e)   Working with Marketing Communications, responsible for coordinating messages about the benefits of Mentor Partner membership and sponsorships for programs and conferences. Produces communications as needed for financial supporters of CED outlining significant achievements, sponsorship opportunities, and information targeted to this sector

(f)     Responsible for overseeing trade agreements

(g)    Oversees and executes annual development activities, including VIP events, sponsor breakfast, and other related activities


(a)    Oversees Mentor Partner membership recruitment and retention operations, including responsibility for monitoring and maximizing the results and performance of CED’s annual membership plan for this category of contributors

(b)   Responsible for working with the CED Board Development Committee, and other key constituents

(c)    Represents CED at public events as an ambassador for strategic community and relationship-building activities, VIP meetings and events

(d)   Participates in staff meetings and strategic planning

(e)   Participates in CED’s major conferences and programs

Job Requirements:

The preferred candidate will be an experienced development/fundraising officer with deep understanding of CED’s mission and programs. The candidate will demonstrate strong individual initiative and be oriented toward achieving results. The Senior Development Manager will have excellent organizational, written and verbal communications skills, the ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously, and will enjoy working collaboratively with a wide range of colleagues and volunteers. The position requires a minimum B.A. or B.S degree, with an advanced degree preferred. A minimum of three years experience in fund development work in a nonprofit organization or equivalent experience is required, with preference given to candidates with 5+ years of experience.

Job performance measurement:

  • Successful execution of CED’s annual fundraising program for Mentor Partner members
  • Successful execution of sponsorships in support of CED’s programs and conferences
  • Successful fulfillment of sponsor recognition and benefits
  • Feedback from colleagues, clients, and CED stakeholders


Performance evaluation will be by the Development Director.

Please send resume and cover letter to Vicki Schebell at vschebell@cednc.org.


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