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AgBiome Adds $14.5M for Agricultural Products

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – AgBiome LLC, a private company developing novel agricultural products to improve crop productivity, today announced that it has secured $14.5 million in Series A financing that will further advance the company’s research and development programs, and support the launch of the company’s first products. Polaris Partners led the round and was joined by ARCH Venture Partners, Harris & Harris Group, Innotech Advisers, and additional strategic investors.

“AgBiome is focused on a significant opportunity to improve crop productivity, and the company’s leadership team has a proven track record in bringing innovative products to market,” said Polaris Partners’ Amir Nashat. “We are excited to be working with the AgBiome team again.”

The plant microbiome–the community of microorganisms associated with plants–plays a vital role in plant productivity, disease and pest resistance, and tolerance to environmental stress. AgBiome is identifying novel microbes useful for boosting productivity of crop plants, as well as new useful genes from those microbes.

“Microbes associated with agriculture ecosystems are a nearly infinite source of useful new genes and biologicals,” said AgBiome Chief Scientific Officer Dan Tomso. “AgBiome aims to become the world leader in agricultural discovery centered around these resources.”


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