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California-based medical imaging company Digirad relos HQ to Atlanta

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013

ATLANTA, GA – A San Diego area-based digital imaging company will relocate its headquarters to Atlanta.

Poway, Calif.-based Digirad Corp. (NASDAQ: DRAD) develops and makes medical diagnostic imaging systems for the detection of cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions.

Digirad designed and commercialized the first solid-state gamma camera, according to its website. By using solid-state technology rather than bulky vacuum tubes, Digirad’s imaging systems maintain image quality while offering significant advantages over vacuum tube-based systems.

Digirad, which reported $50 million in revenue last year, said it is relocating to Atlanta to cut costs and “better align with the Company’s new strategic focus going forward.”

The company’s new CEO, who will take over in six months, lives in the metro area.

Digirad’s CFO Jeffry Keyes declined to disclose how many jobs the relocation would bring to Atlanta, or where in the city the company plans to locate to.

Digirad employs about 60, though many of those jobs will be cut following a corporate restructuring.

A high cost of cost of doing business, exacerbated by heavy taxation and regulation is driving many California companies to relocate or plant expansions in Atlanta and the Southeast.

San Fernando, Calif.-based PureTek Corp., which makes pharmaceutical, nutritional and personal care products, is said to be considering plans to locate its headquarters and manufacturing operations to Jackson County, a North Atlanta suburb.

The cost of doing business for tech companies can be up to 30 percent lower in metro Atlanta compared with San Francisco.


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