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Biotech ViveBio raising $4M

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – ViveBio has raised most of a planned $4 million quality investment, according to an SEC filing.

The biotech company’s ViveST product is used to store and transport biological specimens, such as blood samples, for HIV and other testing.

ViveBio’s technology addresses the problem of inexpensively collecting blood samples and transporting them to the testing laboratory without the need for refrigeration, according to the company’s website.

Current methods of collecting and shipping include dried blood spots and frozen plasma, the company noted. However, these methods suffer from low sample volume and expensive shipping regulations, respectively. These factors inhibit the number of tests that are performed because it is too expensive to ship the necessary volume of specimen required for many tests, including viral load testing that is essential to monitor antiretroviral therapies.

The key feature of the ViveST is a proprietary absorbent matrix on which a biological specimen can be loaded and allowed to dry.

During the drying process, water in the biological sample is evaporated but biological substances such as proteins, virions and nucleic acids remain in the matrix. The samples can then be stored for up to two months, or shipped in the dried state. While in the dried state, the specimens do not require refrigeration, the company noted.



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