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Sensiotec raises $1.5M to develop wireless monitoring

Posted by on Apr 9, 2012

ATLANTA, GA – Medical device startup, Sensiotec Inc., has developed a wireless, remote patient monitoring system.

The ATDC company is expected to close on a $1.5 million round from angel investors.

Sensiotec’s device uses ultra-wide band, a radar technology, to monitor vital signs, such as heart rate and respiration rate, from up to five feet away.

“There’s no implant, there’s no electrodes [that have to be attached to the patient] — it’s kind of like StarTrek’s sick bay,” Sensiotec CEO Robert Arkin said.

The device uses a high-frequency, low-power radar to send out pulses about 20 million times weaker than a cell phone, Arkin said.

The pulses penetrate the body and bounce off the vital organs. Those signals are then converted into medically useful data on a sensor panel. The information can then be beamed to multiple devices including smartphones, pagers, and computers.

Since the system does not require electrodes or implants, it is convenient for patients and for home monitoring. There’s no risk of skin tears or sensors falling off, Arkin said.

For hospitals, the wireless, contact-free monitoring technology can boost revenue, reduce monitoring costs, increase nursing staff productivity, and improve patient safety, Arkin said.

The technology, which has received FDA clearance, is slated for market trials in three Southeast medical centers, including an undisclosed Atlanta hospital.

Sensiotec, which employs about 10, was founded in 2008. The startup is raising an additional $3.5 million.



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